let's get down to business.


My purpose is Jesus. Plain and simple. For so long I've struggled with not knowing how to proclaim His name and how to be a light. BUT - this year I am determined to be intentional with all that I do in my business, and God put on my heart that I need to be intentional in my faith too, and that the two can collide. God, the ultimate artist, has blessed me with the art of photography. More importantly? God has given me this ability to be the light that I had been asking Him to all along. I get to stand as a personal witness to people that I may not otherwise have been able to meet. I get to share Christ’s love and make lifelong friendship with some of the coolest people I’ll ever get to meet. People like you.


I believe that love stories don't just belong in fairy tales and that happy endings really do exist. Stories are meant to be told - the raw, gritty, unedited and authentic. Emotions are meant to be shown in all their real, raw glory. Beauty can be found anywhere, not just on a mountainside or at a national park - although don't get me wrong, I'm always 100% down to go to either! Tacos make everything better and having fun makes life brighter. These are the moments you're going to want to remember. My goal is to freeze your greatest moments and memories in time in the best way they’re meant to be portrayed. I don't just want to be your photographer, I want to be your friend.

So let's grab some coffee or a snack and get down to business, making the best moments of your life something you'll never forget.


Not everyone has the same love story, and that's okay. We aren't all meant to be the same, life would be boring. I want to capture what makes your story unique. Whether that means you say I do in a courthouse, or a beautiful mountainside, either way I want your day to be exactly what you have envisioned. This is your love story. Everything about it needs to portray who you two are, why you love each other and why your love story isn't like the others. I don't just want to show up, snap a few pictures and be done with it. I want you two to look at these images for the rest of your lives together and be able to remember exactly how you were feeling, every emotion, every thought that went through your head. I want you to look at these images and know without a doubt that they represent who you are and your love for each other. PS - I may be based in Oklahoma but travel is in my blood, tell me where you want to go and I'm there!