Brewery Session

You guys. 

Cat + Scott are by far one of THE cutest couples I’ve ever met. Cat and I met a couple years ago while and started working on a few styled shoots together, and we’ve been friends since! The funniest part is that our families grew up in the same church and we went to two of the same schools, but all at different times. Basically, life was telling us we just needed to be friends. I am so beyond thankful that God brought this sweet friend into my life, because together we have been able to create some KILLER stuff.

These two wanted to do something fun and a little out of the box for their session, and apparently OK has a ridiculous amount of craft breweries I had no clue about, so we hung out in one of them! This was probably one of the most chill sessions I’ve ever had, but that tends to happen when you’re just hanging out with friends. Afterwards, we went to grab some ramen with Cat’s family. These are some of my favorite images from our casual hang out sesh!